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T/as PaR nz Golfing Holidays


October 2023


The following are general booking conditions for PaR nz Corporate Events Limited and PaR nz Limited trading as PaR nz Golfing Holidays (‘PaR nz’) effective 1 October 2023 and covers all tours and travel arrangements for outside of New Zealand.

All terms and conditions including payment schedules are set as per supplier terms which have become more stringent and, with limited, if no, flexibility after COVID.

In addition:

  • All golf bookings currently held but final tee sheet timings and schedules will be confirmed closer to the actual travel dates, when advised by the supplier. In exceptional circumstances, changes may apply.

  • Handicap limitations may apply at some courses.

  • The currency listed in the payment schedule includes local taxes.

  • Some international services may change in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances.

  • PaR nz reserves the right to adjust costs if the government taxes including gst, tourism taxes, local taxes and service fees of the hosting country change.


If for reasons outside of our control, PaR nz has to cancel a scheduled tour or tournament date or programme for travel outside New Zealand, PaR nz has a “Book with Confidence” COVID-19 Policy. This applies to tours or tournaments that have been cancelled due to COVID-19, postponed due to COVID-19 or travel is restricted from your residential area, state or country.

PaR nz will offer a postponed date or postponed arrangements. The options are all subject to time frames that may or may not be within our control but at all times PaR nz, unreservedly, looks to be fair and reasonable with all clients providing funds paid on your behalf can be retrieved from our suppliers.


The PaR nz General Booking Conditions are relevant for (‘Bookings’) for all tours, tournaments and custom travel arrangements booked by PaR nz for travel outside of New Zealand. It includes any entry fee, tour costs, registration fee and other associated costs as per the booking description and inclusions for the relevant tour, tournament or custom travel. Individual bookings for additional items including but not limited to airfares, rental cars, accommodation and golf bookings that are supplied by third parties are according to the terms and conditions of that third party as advised at the time of booking.


PaR nz are aware of the rights of consumers and will at all times comply with all obligations and requirements of the laws of New Zealand as they apply to PaR nz and are relevant to any booking completed in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Registration with payment of the required deposit or payment in full constitutes your acceptance of all Booking Conditions and / or Terms of Competition for the relevant tournament and / or tour and / or custom travel. The balance of payment for the remaining package is detailed and dated. Failure to make these further payments may result in the cancellation of your place, with NO refund being issued. Visa and Mastercard are accepted credit cards for payment online.



  1. PaR nz reserve the right to change the programme and function venues based on advice at the time.

  2. PaR nz reserve the right to change golf courses and venues to that which is advertised providing a replacement of a similar standard is substituted.

  3. All travellers are responsible for any damage to hotel & golf club property including any damage in hotel rooms and / or golf carts.

  4. PaR nz accepts no liability, cost or penalty for any loss to any client as a result of the failure for any reason of any third party to provide services that may be included in terms of any booking made under these conditions.

  5. For accuracy, Bookings Conditions as stated at the time of booking with your payment are the conditions for which you have agreed, regardless of any general notations recorded on the PaR nz website.

  6. PaR nz reserves the right to decline registrations for any programme. A decline of registration would be exercised in exceptional circumstances only and after due consideration.

  7. All events, tours and tournaments hosted by PaR nz will be conducted according to the COVID-19 protocols advised by the respective Government, of the countries where the event is being hosted. These protocols are subject to change at any time.

  8. All golfers play on each course under their own responsibility towards others and all equipment.



  1. All travellers registered with the required deposit or event payment, travel at their own risk.

  2. PaR nz, sponsors, hotels, host golf clubs and other suppliers of goods or services accept no liability for any death, injury, property loss or damage incurred during or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of the tour or tournament.

  3. PaR nz strongly recommends comprehensive medical and travel insurance is taken by each person travelling to cover all eventualities, including hospitalisation and medical evacuation. Furthermore we suggest that all travellers check the maximum pay-out restrictions on their policy.

  4. All travellers are responsible for their own travel documentation being valid and current – i.e., Passports and Visas and health documents where required.

  5. PaR nz recommends all travellers refer to their Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their relevant countries and destination countries for general travel advice and COVID or other specific advice. You can register your travel plans with the Ministry so that you may be more easily contactable in an emergency.

  6. PaR nz strongly recommends that you familiarise yourself with the current status and updates of New Zealand’s immigration and border controls (or your country of travel origin) during COVID so that your travel documents comply and you have taken the appropriate insurance for protection.

  7. In addition, PaR nz suggests each traveller familiarise themselves with airline requirements around passenger safety including the requirement for facemasks and the need to produce vaccination certificates or proof of vaccination along with negative COVID-19 tests during transit and at the final destination. This information is subject to change at any time so we recommend you update yourself at the time of booking and at regular intervals up to and during your travel.

  8. You acknowledge that you are choosing to travel at a time where you may be exposed to COVID-19 and that your travel plans maybe impacted by COVID-19. It is your own responsibility to familiarise yourself with all relevant travel information, including health risks and travel restrictions, (covering border closures, quarantine and isolation requirements).

  9. You acknowledge that your decision to travel is based on your own consideration of this information and that you agree that you are aware and assume responsibility for all the risks associated with travelling at this time. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we accept no liability in relation to any of these additional risks.



  1. You must ensure that you are fully aware of any personal health requirements, and recommended precautions relevant to your travel booking, and ensure you carry all necessary vaccination documents.

  2. Acceptance of these terms confirms that you are in good health and able to travel, including on the proposed dates.

  3. Acceptance of these terms acknowledges that you have the necessary golf skills / handicaps for playing the included golf, (unless travelling as a non-golfer).

  4. For all travellers, PaR nz strongly suggests checking with your medical practitioner regarding all recommended, and required, immunisations and injections for each country visited.

  5. In relation to COVID-19, airlines, travel operators and local authorities at travel destinations may require specific testing prior to boarding and/or upon arrival at your destination (including transit).



  1. PaR nz acknowledges your privacy is important. We will not share your personal information such as address, email and phone number with other clients or third parties without your consent or knowledge, and / or authorisation.

  2. PaR nz may arrange media promotion and publicity before, during and after a tour or tournament. Competitors assent to references to them and pictures of them appearing and being used for purposes determined by PaR nz.

  3. By entering this PaR nz event managed tour or tournament, you agree to be added to the PaR nz database and to receive electronic on-going communications including email newsletters, electronic flyers, and materials as may be sent by post, including specific updates as they pertain to the event you have just entered.


PAR NZ CANCELLATION PROTOCOL - Cancellation by you the Registered Traveller

  1. First deposits are non-refundable at all times.

  2. Subsequent deposits and final balance payments are non-refundable at all times.

  3. Or under special consideration, monies paid maybe transferred to another PaR nz tournament or tour by agreement and where refunds can be secured from suppliers.

  4. There are no refunds for any services where you cancel after the tour start date.



  1. In the unlikely event that PaR nz has to cancel or postpone the tournament or tour or custom travel due to exceptional circumstances. Refer the Force Majeure clause.

  2. PaR nz cannot be held responsible if the golf course cannot be used because of weather conditions or unknown scheduled changes at the golf course. In all situations, faced with possible last minute situations, PaR nz will attempt to provide a fast and acceptable solution or alternative.



In the unlikely event that PaR nz, is forced to cancel the tournament or tour or custom travel because of exceptional circumstances outside of our control, we will offer alternative arrangements:

  1. Offer a postponed date or postponed arrangements

  2. Alternatively, where PaR nz can retrieve funds from suppliers for bookings made on your behalf, PaR nz may transfer your funds to another tour or tournament or may be in position to offer refunds.

  3. The options are all subject to time frames that may or may not be within PaR nz’ s control but at all times PaR nz, unreservedly, looks to be fair and reasonable with all clients providing funds paid on your behalf can be retrieved from our suppliers.



PaR nz has made every endeavour to ensure that all details are correct at time of printing but cannot accept responsibility for subsequent change or withdrawal of prices, details or services shown.


  1. The laws of New Zealand govern this General Booking Condition document. In the event that there is a dispute regarding a booking, PaR nz in the event where the matter cannot be resolved may appoint an independent arbitrator.

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