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Safari Dreams

Last week PaR nz Golfing Holidays tempted you with a Southern African Garden Route Golf Challenge – Arabella.  Well now we give you a further South African dream... when in South Africa you must go to Kruger National Park.  No Question.

The Kruger – the oldest Park in South Africa and home to 12,000 Elephants, 27,000 African Buffalo, 1,000 Leopards, along with 1,500 Lions and 5,000 plus of the endangered Rhinoceros.  The Kruger National Park has an amazing abundance of flora with around 1,982 species of plants.  From the baobab tree to the lala palm, the sausage tree to the fever tree, the park’s greenery has interesting stories to tell.

The Kruger is not only the oldest but also the largest spanning 19,633 Sq/Km’s (350km long x 60km wide) – only just smaller than Belgium and the same size of Israel.

Entry fees have increased a wee tad since the first motorised tourist in 1898. The entry fee then was £1.00!  Conservation projects include a commitment to protecting the amazing abundance of game – a truly world-class wildlife sanctuary.  The Park is wedged between the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the north-eastern region of South Africa, with Mozambique on its eastern border and Zimbabwe on its northern border.  The borders are marked by two rivers – lined with Hippo and Crocodile – the mighty Limpopo and the Crocodile River.

While at The Kruger, there’s always time for golf at Leopard Creek – a masterful Gary Player Championship Challenge.

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