NZ’s Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club


Dare To Dream – NZ’s Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club

This is definitely a course to dream about playing and more than once!  Take a birds eye view of Paraparaumu and the spectacular Kapiti Coast, click here.

Australia’s Peter Thomson (Open Champion five times and a NZ Open Champion 9 times) was quoted as saying:

"I loved it instantly. We had nothing like it in Australia, which must have struck Alex Russell, who did the layout.  Course designing approaches an art form, especially done in a perfect modelling medium like volcanic sand.  Russell must have been ecstatic.  What was left after his departure was a gem of enjoyment, a monument to the game and a gift to the future.  When we all turn to dust, "Paraparaumu" the golf, should be still lying there as it was when the first golfers came by, with Kapiti an off-shore island standing guard to see that no one steals it away.  And the winds will ever blow to test the golfer's will and integrity.  Paraparaumu will be famed for a century yet."

Paraparaumu played host to 12 New Zealand Open’s including the infamous weather challenged 2002 Open, where none other than Mr Tiger Woods (world #1 at the time) nearly missed the cut.  Renowned golf architect, Alex Russell (an Australian Open Champion), designed this undulating links course just 45 minutes from Wellington. The course dates back to 1949. 

Currently rated the 8th best course in New Zealand, by NZ Golf Digest, and 68th on Golf Digest’s list of Top 100 best courses outside the US – it's worth a look and a dream –  Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club is this week’s Dare to Dream.