2019 Mount Michael Central Otago Autumn Golf Classic Winners Announced

Congratulations and thanks to all players and supporters, please click on the links below for the FINAL SCORES of a great week of golf at the 2019 Mount Michael Central Otago Autumn Golf Classic, keep scrolling to find all our winners of the week.

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MENS DIVISION 1 (0 – 10.3)

1st:     Allan Smith Waikaka 154pts

2nd:    David Blacke Tauranga 148pts   

3rd:     Paul Langford Australia 146pts

4th:     Norman Chase Waimakariri 145pts

MENS DIVISION 2 (10.4 – 14.4)

1st:     Adam Newton Mataura 154pts 

2nd:    Rex Pankhurst Queenstown 148pts

3rd:     Paul Robinson Waimakariri 146pts

3rd:     Paul Robinson Waimakariri 146pts

MENS DIVISION 3 (14.4 – 18.2)

1st:     Ian Clayton Australia 151pts

2nd:     James Stodart 148pts

3rd:    Vaughan Wood Strathmore 147pts

4th:     Peter KirwaraRawhiti 139pts

MENS DIVISION 4 (18.4 – 32.0)

1st:     Wayne Andrews Muriwai 143pts c/b

2nd:    Ian Hopping Mayfield 143pts

3rd:     Len BrigdenRussley 141pts     

4th:     Patrick Mulhern Australia 140pts c/b


WOMENS DIVISION 1 (0.0 – 18.3)

1st:  Mary Ann Kane Tapanui 137pts c/b

2nd:    Fleur Reynolds Muriwai 137pts

3rd:     Lynley Burgess Queens Park 134pts

4th:     Lynne Elsom Wanaka 132pts


WOMENS DIVISION 2 (19.0 – 36.0)

1st:     Rachelle Brightwell Marton 136pts

2nd:    Jan Reddrop Australia 135pts

3rd:     Diane Webster Wanaka 132pts

4th:     Carol Erskine Tuatapere 131pts   



1st:     Wayne Hunt Team DUNSTAN 453pts

2nd:    Men Behaving Badly WAKATIPU 429pts

3rd:     Paul Robinson Team WAKATIPU 428pts c/b

4th:     Michael Doherty Team DUNSTAN 428pts


1st:   The Tee Girls WANAKA 379pts


1st:   Lost Cause WAKATIPU 425pts

2nd:   Steve Geddes Team WAKATIPU 412pts

3rd:   Nelson’s Jafas WAKATIPU 408pts